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[11/02/2017]Le Cernunnos Pagan Fest 9, at Noisiel(FR)NEWS:

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BeitragVerfasst am: 29.11.2016, 15:45    Titel: [11/02/2017]Le Cernunnos Pagan Fest 9, at Noisiel(FR)NEWS: Antworten mit Zitat

[11/02/2017]Le Cernunnos Pagan Fest 9, at Noisiel(FR)NEWS:

Next edition is Saturday 11 february 2017, at Noisiel, next to Paris

The Pagan Cernunnos Fest returns for its 9nd edition and will take place, this time at la Ferme du Buisson in Noisiel (77) near Paris. Composed of several buildings and outdoor settings, this new place allowed us to further develop the festival and add many novelties.

The fundamentals do not change, however. The Cernunnos pagan festival is the original meeting between Pagan metal and its folk roots, both traditional and medieval. The atmosphere of the medieval fair, with its craftsmen shop, animations, games, medieval drinks as well as the tavern which offers you a choice of tasty dishes of the time, will coexist with rare, original and cult concerts from pagan and folk metal.

Line up :

Týr (Faroe Islands)

Dalriada (Hungary)
The skins of beasts, the flutes, the electric guitars and the folklore from Eastern Europe by the ladle - Dalriada are far from being novices on stage and will enchant you with their compositions inspired by Hungarian history and ballads. Sometimes lively, sometimes epic, do not miss this group which has a well-established identity, led by the captivating Laura Binder and excellent Andras Ficzek on vocals.


Fejd (Sweden)
The Swedish from Fejd at the Cernunnos is who Phil Anselmo is at Hellfest. Well, I'm exaggerating a bit - but not that much - as they have performed at the festival in the past. Today, Patrick Rimmerfors and his band return to inaugurate the new festivities arena with their music, "mixing the themes of traditional Scandinavian music with the energy of a metal rhythm section." But no worshipping of guitars here: this is the bouzouki that destroys your brains with almost the same class as the viking ax.



site infos : http://en.prophecy.de/artists/dordeduh/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Dordeduh/


Baldrs Draumar (Pays-Bas)
Quiver, Paris! The Vikings are back and this time, no mercy! But we do love our Friesians who have already come to resonate through the walls of the Parisian cellars with their warlike music. The group defines itself as "the most brutal folk metal bands around," but there is not only bloody barbarism in their compositions: the research and writing of the drummer, who is a historian in these lost hours, are what make this group clearly stand out and deserves a more than attentive glance


Naheulband (Fr)
A troll in the musical landscape, Naheulband is a group that was created based on an Internet frenzy. The extravagant texts sung to medieval-dominated tunes tell the tales of the heroes from the Donjon of Naheulband saga. For the live performances, the creator John Lang has surrounded himself with talented and passionate musicians who all have in common the love for traditional melodies and who work at the same time on other projects. But one thing is certain -no mucking around when the guys are on stage. So bring your hippocras cups and sing along with them without complex!


Grimner (Suède)
Grimner, Vikings just as we like them, are from the southern city of Motala in Sweden. The group did not form just to make big sounds in a garage. The members toured a fait bit in the streets and festivals before releasing metal albums, resembling troubadours with their traditional instruments and acoustic songs. And that can be heard in their more robust titles which are atrue ode to their century-old culture. For the first time in France, the sextet will do everything to raise your Viking roots, even if you have none!


PerKelt (UK)
Perkelt comes to us from Ireland and has played at the Celtic Speed Medieval Folk since 2008. This unique group is composed of top musicians who have received awards for their instrumental and vocal performances. They offer us, through three albums, the passionate and powerful compositions inspired by medieval and traditional sources. The bewitching energy they exude as they play on stage makes them a group not to be missed during this ninth edition of Cernunnos. Be charmed or die!


Griffon (Fr)
Griffon does not present itself anymore to the Parisian public although the band is relatively new. Their melodic, sober, and effective black metal has vibrated through the walls of Parisian halls several times since 2013. But who would complain about seeing them once again, considering the great quality of what they have to offer: with their refined pagan concept and their cutting riffs, the hard-working band is precise on the stage. Griffon will be your dose of pure black amongst all its countless rural flutes!


Möhrkvlth (Bretagne_ Fr)
Brittany is associated to most people with coasts taken by the winds and the English, with pancakes (crêpes), salted butter, and stickers reading “À l’aise Breiz”. But few suspect that in the ancestral culture, for the people of Brittany, the worship of death holds a significant role through narratives and ancient legends. The band Möhrkvlth naturally positions itself in this niche, so dear to black metal, offering its own interpretation of this dark aspect of Breton heritage. They will be happy to scream in your faces some dark tales by which they are inspired. All in the Breton language, of course.

NEWS sur le Cernunnos Pagan Fest 9 :

Presale: 38,50€ ->42€
At door: 50€

Venue : La Ferme du buisson,
Allée de la Ferme, 77186 Noisiel (FR)

EVENT : https://www.facebook.com/events/713712065459613/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/cernunnos.festival/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/acteursdelombre

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